Giving and Responding to compliment

Giving & Responding to Compliment

Everyone likes to hear compliments. Compliments make people feel good about themselves,and we all need that at times.  
Look at the expressions below that can be used when giving and responding to compliments

Giving complements :
  • ¨      That’s a very nice …(dress).
  • ¨      Great job on the …(presentation).
  • ¨      You look very good in … (that new hair-do).
  • ¨      This dish is delicious, my compliments to the chef.
  • ¨      That … (tie) looks great on you.

Responses to compliments :
  • ¨      How kind of you to say so.
  • ¨      Thank you.
  • ¨      I’m glad you like it.
  • ¨      It was nothing really. (an expression of modesty and humility)

The other samples
1. Compliments on successes
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I would like to compliment you on your recent achievement.
B: Thank you for saying so, but it was the work of the whole team.
A: The essay you wrote was superb. I'd like to use it as a model for other students.
B: Thank you. I'd be so honored.
2. Compliments on possessions
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: That's a nice T-shirt you're wearing.
B: I appreciate the compliment. It was a birthday present from one of my classmates.
A: Your new car looks terrific.
B: Thank you. It's very economical.
3. Compliments on appearance
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I think your new hairstyle is lovely.
B: That's nice of you to say so. I love yours, too.
A: I really like your blue eyes. They make you look like a movie star.
B: Thank you. That's a nice compliment.
4. Compliments on skills
Sample phrases (from formal to informal)
A: I've never heard any singer perform that song so beautifully.
B: Thank you. It's really nice to hear that from someone with your experience.
A: The chicken was delicious.
B: Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.


Learn the expressions used for giving compliments to others. Practice by saying them loudly.

·         —Your performance on the stage is amazing.
·         —How wonderful to listen to  your  great voice.
·         —How mar vellous .
·         —Great ! (You look great) / Great for  you.
·         —Terrific ! (Hey, that’s terrific !)
·         —Fantastic!
·         —Smashing.
·         —That’s really remarkable /well  done.
Now, learn the expressions  use for responding to compliments.
·         —It’s very kind of you to say so.
·         —Thank you.
·         —I can say how pleased (delighted) I am.
·         —I’m delighted  to hear  that.
·         —Thank for your compliment.


Staff     : “What a beautiful dress, Mrs. Elliot.”
Guest   : “Thanks, I’m glad you like it.”
Staff     : “Your new hair-do looks absolutely gorgeous, Mrs. Simpson.”
Guest   : “How kind of you to say so.”
Guest   : “My compliments to the chef. This linguine is superb.”
Staff     : “Thank you ma’am. I’ll be sure to let the chef know.”
Guest   : “Your English is very good.”
Staff     : “Thank you very much.”
Staff     : “Excellent game Mr. Johnson. You really gave me a workout.”
Guest   : “Thanks, I guess all those private lessons are finally paying off.”
Guest      :” I really appreciate all the extra work you did on helping us solve that problem. It truly went above and beyond. My compliments to your work ethic.”
Staff     : “Thank you sir, how kind of you to say so.”


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