Asking For and Giving Suggestion and Advice

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Asking For and Giving Suggestion and Advice

Dalam kehidupan sehari-hari kita akan menghadapi banyak masalah yang bervariasi. Terkadang kita tidak dapat menyelesaikan masalah kita sendiri sehingga kita membutuhkan saran dari orang lain. Orang Indonesia mudah saja minta saran kepada orang lain dengan bahasa Indonesia. Terus bagaimana di bahasa Inggris?

Dalam bahasa Inggris dikenal asking and giving suggestionAsking and giving suggestionadalah cara orang untuk mengexpresikan saran dalam bahasa Inggris.
     Asking suggestion (meminta saran) adalah cara seseorang menanyakan saran dalam bahasa Inggris ketika mempunyai masalah.  Asking suggestion berupa pertanyaan.

       Contoh Asking Suggestion:
·         Do you have any ideas?
·         Can you give me any suggestions to solve my problem?
·          What should i do?
·         Would you mind giving me any suggestions?
·         Would you like to give me any advices?
    Giving suggestion (memberi saran) adalah cara seseorang memberikan saran kepada orang lain dalam bahasa Inggris. Giving suggestion biasanya berupa kalimat.

       Contoh giving suggestion: 
·         I suggest you to + verb 1 (I suggest you to go to doctor.)
·         I advice you to + verb 1 (I advice you to breakfast before going to school.)
·         You should + verb 1 (You should download greenday song.)
      Contoh dialog yang menggunakan asking and giving suggestion:
A: I have a task from my teacher. I must search a song in English. Do you have any ideas?
B: It's okay. Let search in internet.
A: I know, but what song must download?
B: Greenday song in DOS album. That must be great.
A: That's a good idea. Thanks for your advice.
B: Never mind.

Giving advice

Here are some ways which we can give give advice or make recommendations:

For example, imagine that your friend is worried that she is getting fat. She asks you for some advice. You can respond using the following phrases:
You should take some exercise.
You ought to eat more fruit and vegetables.
Why don't you go jogging?
How about eating less sugary food?
For stronger advice you can use 'have to' or 'must':
You must see a doctor
You have to take her to see that movie. She'll love it!

Using suggest and recommend

There are two ways which we can use 'recommend' and 'suggest':
I suggest taking a holiday.
I suggest (that) you take a holiday.
I recommend going to bed earlier.
I recommend (that) you go to bed earlier.

Using imperatives to give advice

We can use imperative verbs + '-ing' to give advice. Let's look at some more examples using your fat friend!:
Start going to the gym.
Stop drinking so much coke.
Consider switching to brown bread and rice.
Try cycling to work.

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