2.5 Expressing Opinion

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Expressing Opinion

Asking other people’s opinions:
  • What do you think of ….
  • Is that true that ….
  • Do you think it’s going …
  • Why do they behave like that?
  • Do you have any idea?
  • How do you like …..?
  • Please give me your frank opinion.
  • What’s your opinion?

Expressing opinions:
§  In my opinion, …..
§  I feel ….
§  I personally believe …..
§  I am certain, sure, positive, convinced.
§  I personally think…..
§  I agree
§  I personally feel …..
§  I disagree
§  Not everyone will agree with me, but ….
§  It seems that ….
§  To my mind ….
§  Well, personally ….
§  From my point of view…..
§  If I had my way, I would ….
§  As I see it
§  What I’m more concerned with is …..
§  I think ….
§  In my case ….
§  I believe……
§  Absolutely.

(source: http://arbie83.wordpress.com/materi-sma/ )
Dialog Expressing Opinion
(Memberikan pendapat)

Assistant         : "Good morning, Miss. Can I help you?"
Tiara                : "Yes, please. I need a pair of shoes and also a pair of jeans."
Nana                : "And I want to buy a hat and dress."
Assistant         : "Oh….. You can find it there."
Tiara                : "Nana, come here! What do you think about this pair of jeans?"
Nana                : "I think that it’s suitable for you."
Tiara                : "But, I don’t like the colour."
Nana                : "It seems that this one is suitable for you. This is blue! Your favourite colour'.
Tiara                : "Yes, correct. I will take this one. And what about you?"
Nana                : "Wait a moment. I’ll choose one of these hats."
Tiara                : '"What colour do you want?"
Nana                : "I want red colour."
Tiara                : "What about this red one?"
Nana                : "This is very sweet. I’ll try it first."
Tiara                : "Where is the sitting room?"
Assistant         : "The fitting room is at the corner."
Nana                : "Ok. Let’s go there."


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