2.5 Methode Of Learning Arguing

KD 2.5 : Methode Of Learning "Arguing"

    Based on several studies and cases encountered in a variety of conditions, it can be concluded that the debate has the following definition:

Arguing is an activity of an argument between two or more parties, either individually or in groups to discuss and solve a problem. Debates do obey the rules are clear and the results of the debate can be generated through a vote or decision of the jury

Arguing is a discussion between two or more people of different views, where between one party to the other party attacking each other (opositif).

Arguing occurs where the emotional element of a role. Participants mostly just want to maintain their opinion than to hear the opinions of others and willing to be agreed with the other participants. Therefore, there is an element of coercion in the debate will.

Arguing is a major activity of promoting democratic society.

e. A contest between two people or groups who present arguments about them and trying to develop the arguments of their opponents.



   Thanks for the time that given to us to participate in the debate English contest, we’re from SMK Al-Muslim, and now let us introduce our team :
1. My name is Priliani Fabian as the first speaker. And I’ll deliver my argument as a pro side.
2. And my friend, Demi Lovato as second speaker. And she will deliver the contra side.
3.Justin Bieber as reply.

  PRO :

Globalization is one condition which there is no bar between one country to another country. So, English is important as a communicating tool. Now, we have look from humanism point of view. We know that communicating among nation is very important. We are part of the world. We can not live without any other helps. We help people and they help us. To communicate around the world we need a tool. What is the tool? Of course, a language,its Aristotelles say. w the world we need international language, that is English.

1) Because we can communicate with foreign people with the same language. So, it will be easier to understand one of the other. for example : the Indonesian people talking with Chinese people. If they talk with their region language, of course they will be confused. But, if they speak with same language, good!.

2) Because if we can speak English, of course people will respect to us. And, we will known as a clever man. Causes, it same as the foreign tourism.

3) We will be faith if can’t to talk with English language. People will be admired to us. And if we can speak English, we will be easier to get success in this globalization era.

4) In America as the superpower country declare that the international language is English, so we must practice to speak English   

5) As the member of UNO, of course countries that join it, shall to using English language, of course must to follow it……

6) now days,


    I extremely disagree with the motion “ ENGLISH IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOOL IN INDONESIA “. You say that the superpower country use English language in conversation. But, there are some point a view :
1.        From Technology Point a View.

You know that Japan and Chorea is the strong country. They are good in technology. They become a supplier of transportation tool, communication tool, and others. Are they using English? No, they are very proud with their own language. so, if we want to success in this globalization era, we shall improve our knowledge in technology. So, if we have a high technology I believe many people from other country will come to Indonesia to study here. Of course, they will study bahasa Indonesia and we don’t need English.

 2. from Trading Point a View

Chinese is the country which very success in trading, they trade from their country until to other country. They have a commitment; they must use their own language to communicating. They believe they are success because not their English, but from their quality of trade. Do you know? They use Chinese language to say the price of their good secretly. So, it does prove that English is not important.

   3. From Natural Resource Point a View

Arab, there they use Arabic language for communicating. They sure that they will can go in international using their capability of natural resource exploiting.
Beside that, we shall thing about our own language. in this globalization era, English is very popular. From students until employers use English language. even, they thing that Indonesia is not too important. Actually, language shown the nation. It wiil decrease the nationalism of Indonesia citizen. If we know the history, our hero fight hard to stand Indonesia language. but now, that people shy to speak in Indonesia. They said that Indonesia language is not intercourse. Then, the dialect, may be “cinta” become “cinta”. Its so terrible I think.
So, I say, that I disagree that English is the most important tool in globalization.

source : http://ryaanariif.blogspot.com/2013/02/materi-pembelajaran-tentang-arguing.html                                                

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